Roundtable “Science and innovations for water security (dedicated to the memory of Prof. V. Dukhovniy)”


Chairman: Sh. Khamraev, Minister of Water Management, Republic of Uzbekistan

Co-chairman: D. Ziganshina, Acting Director of SIC ICWC


Nariman Kipshakbaev, Director, Kazakh branch of SIC ICWC, Chairman of Kazakhstan Water Partnership — Water saving and sound water use in the Syr Darya and Amu Darya River Basins in the context of climate change

Abduvokhid Urazkeldiev, Director, Irrigation and Water Problem Research Institute at the Ministry of Water Management of Uzbekistan — Science and innovative technologies in the water sector of Uzbekistan

Dmitry Kozlov, Head of Hydraulics and Hydrotechnical Construction Department, NIU MGSU, President of EECCA NWO — Engineering hydrology technologies to mitigate threats to safety of water sites

Yarash Pulatov, Head of Innovative Technology Division, Institute of Water Problems, Hydropower and Ecology, Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan — Innovative technologies of water conservation – the basis for water security

Anatoliy Ryabtsev, General Director of Kazgiprovodkhoz — Tasks for the preservation and use of water resources in the lower reach of the Syrdarya river

Anatoliy Sorokin, Senior Expert, SIC ICWC — Challenges of water management in the Aral Sea Basin: ways and methods for their solution

Vadim Sokolov, Director, GEF IFAS Agency — Aral Sea will not die

Sagit Ibatullin, Director, International Training Center on Safety of Hydrotechnical Constructions — On the role of the Central Asia expert research platform

Nadezhda Prokhorova, Head of Water Sector Professional Development Center — Tendencies in development of water science to ensure water security

Islomkul Ikromov, Senior researcher, Tajik branch of SIC ICWC — Operationalization of innovative technologies – a key to water security

Galina Stulina, Leading expert, SIC ICWC — Adjustment of irrigation regime in the context of climate change

Viktor Volosukhin, Director, Institute of Hydrotechnical Constructions Safety — Problems of safety of water infrastructure in Caucasus in the context of regional climate and seismic changes

Serik Bekmaganbetov, authorized representative of Kazakhstan to the IFAS Executive Committee — Role of science and innovations in the Aral Sea Basin Program (ASBP-4)

Larisa Kogutenko, Coordinator of IWRM Master Studies at KGU — Scientific capacities of universities in the area of water and climate